How do I get paid?
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Ensuring payment for your shipped orders is crucial, and it all begins with capturing your order on NOTYD's platform. Once the order is captured, NOTYD initiates the payout process to send your payment. This applies to both full and partial captures โ€“ in the case of partial captures, you'll only receive the amount captured.

The exact timing of your payment depends on your agreement with NOTYD. There's typically a settlement delay, calculated from the capture date plus a specific number of days. Payments are processed every Tuesday and Friday, and NOTYD supports payments in EUR, DKK, and GBP.

In case a customer requests a return and refund for an order, the refunded amount will be deducted from your open sales on the first settlement following the return registration. If there aren't enough open sales to cover the refund, the settlement will display a negative balance, deducted from a subsequent settlement. You'll receive the order reference number for your records.

Periodically, you might notice a correction or chargeback on your settlement due to disputes or errors. When this occurs, NOTYD will provide detailed information about the impacted order, allowing you to understand any manual adjustments on the settlement. After the finance department processes the correction or chargeback, the subsequent settlement will reflect the adjustment.

To receive payment from NOTYD, ensure that your bank account details are provided as specified in the signed agreement. For any inquiries about payouts or settlements, feel free to contact NOTYD's support team for assistance.

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