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Copy the 'Introduction to NOTYD' for your website
Copy the 'Introduction to NOTYD' for your website
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Looking for a fast and secure way to purchase goods on invoice? Look no further than NOTYD, the B2B buy now, pay later payment method that's designed with businesses in mind.

With NOTYD, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving your products first and paying for them later, with payment terms that are agreed upon in advance. And unlike other payment methods, NOTYD offers a streamlined, hassle-free experience that's tailored specifically to the needs of business buyers.

To ensure that all transactions are safe and secure, NOTYD performs a thorough assessment on your business details before approving your order. This includes a fraud and credit check to verify that the requested company information is accurate and that the order does not exceed your credit limit.

Once your order is approved, you'll receive a payment request from NOTYD via email, with all the necessary payment details included. You'll have 30, 60, or 90 days to make your payment, giving you plenty of time to review your invoice and ensure that everything is accurate before making your payment.

And if you need more information about NOTYD and how it works, be sure to check out our website, where you can find a comprehensive overview of our payment method, terms and conditions, and more. With NOTYD, buying on invoice has never been easier or more secure.

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